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Cowboy Anton & Cowgirl Erin.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Last night we had the chance to catch one of Gary Bennett's live shows in downtown Nashville's Full Moon Saloon, and it was really a treat. Since the release of his solo album Human Condition back in 2006, Bennett has not had a regular gig, yet now he has finally decided to give live performing a try once again. Along with his nephew Jason Capps, also a songwriter, and using his mother's maiden name, he is performing as The McNeills. And it certainly is a sort of family gathering, with Bennett and Capps doing their own songs, as well as tackling great country classics such as Lefty Frizzell's "The Long Black Veil," Webb Pierce and Mel Tillis's "I Ain't Never," and Buck Owens's "Love's Gonna Live Here."

Although their styles are markedly different, they complement each other very well. Bennett is a stage veteran, and his Bakersfield-influenced honky tonk sound that we have heard on countless BR549 recordings is fresher than ever. His voice is now a little more mature, somewhat hoarser at times, yet always drenched with emotion. The younger Capps favors a more modern country sound, and although he is adept at songwriting, he still needs to work a little on his live performing skills. Together they put on a very enjoyable show that is well worth attending. The McNeills play every Wednesday night from 8:00 to 10:00 at the Full Moon Saloon, on Lower Broadway, a small honky tonk that is rather noisy and smoky at times. But then, what would honky tonk music be without a little noise and a little smoke?

Cowboy Anton & Cowgirl Erin.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Dear listeners,

Music City USA will be back on the air this semester every Wednesday morning from 9 to 11am, live over WRVU Nashville 91.1 FM. As usual, the change in time slot is due to our teaching duties at Vanderbilt this Spring.

As always, we will be bringing you the best in classic country music, along with some of the present-day artists that still carry the torch of traditional country. We will keep our usual segments, such as Hymn Time (now around 9:55am), and our Top-of-the-Hour Instrumental (now at about 10:00am). And, of course, we will also make every effort to unearth some of the most obscure, unknown recordings in the history of the genre as we Dig Real Deep into the History of Country Music (now at around 10:30am).

So this semester, same show one hour earlier, and on Wednesday mornings. You can also listen in online at, where you can also find the show archives. We hope you will meet us at the corner for a stroll through the best country music ever recorded!

Cowboy Anton & Cowgirl Erin.