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Wednesday, May 7, 2008


This Friday morning (May 9th) is graduation day at Vanderbilt, and we will be having a very special Music City USA show, as our good friends Ike Jonson and Scott Icenogle join us live in the studio. Ike (upper picture; rhythm guitar, vocals) and Scott (lower picture; upright bass, vocals) are leaders of the Roadhouse Rangers and the A-11 Band respectively. These are two of the best bands in present-day Nashville, playing country music the way it sounded in its glorious heyday in the 1930s, 40s, 50s, and 60s, and occasionally venturing as far back as the 1920s. Ike and Scott will be sharing their deep knowledge about classic country and exploring the roots of the music they love. We will also be playing a few tracks recorded live during some of their personal appearances at Lower Broadway's Robert's Western World, and they will bring their acoustic guitars and sing some of their own compositions in the studio.

Ike's Roadhouse Rangers and Scott's A-11 Band appear regularly at Robert's Western World (416 Broadway) on Tuesday nights (6-10pm) and also on Saturdays (10am-6pm), and on any given show, they are likely to delve deep into the history of country music, offering classic hits as well as unearthing rare, forgotten gems. Their own compositions also have a decidedly classic country feel. They are revivalist bands, but in the most positive connotation of the term, that is, bands led by people who really enjoy, know, and respect the music they play. And their knowledge of country music --and classic American pop of all kinds-- shines throughout any of their live performances.

So we hope you join us this Friday morning from 10am to 12pm on Music City USA, as we journey through the roots of American music with Ike Jonson and Scott Icenogle.

Cowboy Anton & Cowgirl Erin.

For more information about Ike Jonson and Scott Icenogle, visit: